Most of us get in a vehicle daily and yet it’s easy to forget to take care of these important assets. That’s why the non-profit Car Care Council (CCC) reminds us to give our cars some extra love in April, National Car Care Month.


Routine maintenance is the key to getting the most from your car and preventing costly issues, yet the CCC found in a recent survey that 89% of cars are behind on regular maintenance. Make sure you’re not part of that group by following our tips.

How to Create and Stick With a Great Car Care Routine

Fluids, belts, hoses, lights, moving parts, tires, filters, and more. If you’re a do-it-yourself car maintenance person, you likely have – or need – a checklist, app, or CCC’s custom service schedule to keep up with all the checks and replacements. If this is a personal goal you’ve not mastered, you can download the CCC’s Car Care Guide to get started and devise a system that works best for you. 


Many of us don’t have that goal, though, and that’s okay. Your local service center like the one at Matthews Motor Clayton near Raleigh, North Carolina, has certified technicians who will handle ongoing maintenance of your vehicle and track the work. Our professionals can answer questions about strange noises, leaks, and other warning signs that you may need repairs. If you had any car issues this winter like a fender-bender, warning lights flashing, or multiple drops into that pothole on your street, be sure to mention them when you schedule your service. 

Other Ways to Ensure You’re Safe and Prepared on the Road

Having a professional team handle routine maintenance on your car gives you time to do other car-related things to make sure you are prepared for safe summer travel:

  • Check for recalls related to your vehicle, child seats, tires and more.
  • Revisit your car insurance policy for updates or changes.
  • Look for refinancing deals offered by your lending partners.
  • Evaluate the trade-in value of your vehicle and test drive newer or different car models.
  • Repack your emergency kit for spring and summer.
  • Practice changing a tire.
  • Clean the vehicle inside and out or get it professionally detailed.

All this car care ensures that both you and your vehicle are ready for picnics and road trips, as well as unexpected events like a flat tire. Matthews Motor Clayton is here to help. Contact us to schedule service today.