One of the most important responsibilities with vehicle ownership is staying up to date with routine maintenance. Routine maintenance helps you extend the life of your car or truck, while also optimizing performance and ensuring ongoing safety.


All vehicle maintenance steps are important, but there are a few we consider to be particularly vital. These are the routine maintenance tasks that should never be skipped or put off.


Don’t Skip These Routine Maintenance Steps


  1. Oil change. Depending on the make and model of your car, you may need to get an oil change anywhere from every 3,000 miles to every 5,000 miles. (To get a specific guideline, check your owner’s manual.) The oil change helps safeguard your engine components from premature wear and tear, meaning this maintenance step may actually save you from costlier repair needs down the road.
  2. Tire rotation. Having your tires rotated at regular intervals helps prevent uneven wear and tear. Ultimately, this is a simple way to extend the life of your tires, and potentially to save some money on costly tire replacement.
  3. Brake inspection. Your braking system is crucial for the safe operation of your vehicle. Over time, the brake pad becomes worn down, requiring its replacement. Routine inspections help you keep an eye on the status of your brakes, and ensure that you have them replaced as needed.
  4. Radiator hose replacement. Your radiator hose helps keep the engine from overheating. If the hose springs a leak, it’s no longer able to function as it’s supposed to. Be sure you have the radiator hose replaced as directed by your service technician.
  5. Fuel filter replacement. Eventually, your fuel filter will become clogged with sediment. This will make it impossible to run your vehicle efficiently. In fact, it may make it impossible to run the vehicle at all.


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