Nowadays, more and more people are turning toward used cars, and for good reason. When shopping for vehicles, you’ll notice that there are numerous used car options that are just as good (or sometimes better) than their newer counterparts. 


At Matthews Motors Clayton, we work closely with all our customers to help them with their purchases. Our used car dealership has an extensive collection of affordable cars of all makes and models. We’ve compiled this list of five important considerations when shopping for used cars under $15,000.

Consider the mileage

Typically, the fewer the miles on a used vehicle, the more expensive it will be. But, keeping that in mind, cars made in the past few years have been designed to last for a very long time. That means many cars have the potential of making it to 200,000 miles

Look over the used vehicle’s history 

How many owners has it had? Has it been in any accidents or undergone major repairs or replacements? Ideally, you want a vehicle that’s seen very little activity. This will require extensive research on your part to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

If possible, you’ll want to purchase a used car that’s CPO

This means that the vehicle passes certain criteria to make sure it’s in great shape. Different dealerships may have varied sets of criteria for their CPO cars, but most cars classified as such are typically under five years old and have been driven less than 75,000 miles.

Take a test drive

This is how you find out exactly how well a car drives and how it performs. At our dealership, you’ll have the opportunity to test drive your car before you make the purchase. 


Matthews Motors Clayton offers plenty of affordable options for under $15,000 in the Clayton, Raleigh, and Garner, North Carolina, areas. Browse our inventory online now.