Fall is coming which means now is the perfect time to take care of a few routine service items. Continue reading to learn more. 

How to Prep Your Car for Fall

Inspect Your Tires

As the cooler weather starts to move in, so will frost, rainy weather, and maybe even the occasional icy patch. Now is the perfect time to check the health of your tires to ensure you can maintain traction and control on your morning commute to work. 

The first thing you should look for is tread. Tires with little to no tread are a disaster waiting to happen. If the road is even a little slick, the tires will have nothing to grip to and could hydroplane unexpectedly. 

If you can’t remember the last time you had your tires rotated, now would be the perfect time to schedule service and get this taken care of. This routine will save you money in the long run since it helps each of your tires to age evenly. 

The last thing you should get in the habit of checking in the cooler season is your tire pressure. The air pressure inside your tires naturally decreases as the air outside the tires cools

Replace the Brake Pads

Having properly inflated tires with adequate tread won’t make much of a difference if your brake pads are bare. After a long summer filled with road trips, it’s time to get those brake pads checked or possibly replaced. 

Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, it is recommended that you change your brake pads approximately every 50,000 miles. When in doubt, ask a trusted mechanic to take a look at them during your next service.

Check the Lights

The long days of summer are behind us which means you may find yourself driving in the dark on your morning or evening commute. Double check to ensure all of your exterior lights are in working order. Headlights, brake lights, and even fog lights for those chilly, foggy mornings will be essential to maintain visibility and to make yourself known to the other drivers on the road. 

Prep the Heating System

Chances are it’s been a while since you’ve had to run the heat in your car. It’s important to check that the heat runs as expected now while the weather is still tolerable. There are few things worse than having to shiver through your morning commute, so go ahead and crank the heat to make sure you’re ready for cooler weather.

Schedule Service in Raleigh, NC

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