Routine vehicle maintenance is an important investment. Not only does it extend the lifespan of your car, but it also makes sure your car functions at an optimal level. What’s more, an investment in routine maintenance can help you avoid the need for more intensive and costly repairs down the road.

As the seasons change, it’s as good a time as any to double check that you’re doing everything you should to keep your car in good working order. As such, we invite you to consult this fall service checklist. With specific questions or concerns, contact our service department directly.

Fall Service Checklist

Keep an eye on your tire pressure. 

As atmospheric pressure changes, it can cause your tires to become underinflated. Watch out for the tire pressure light on your dashboard and use a tire gauge to check your current psi level. If you’re not sure how much tire pressure you need, consult the owner’s manual.

Check your oil. 

Using the dipstick, check your current engine oil level. If you’re running low, either add some new oil or make an appointment for an oil change. And if the oil looks dirty or dark (it should be amber- or honey-colored), that probably means you’re due for a service visit.

Top off your windshield wiper fluid. 

While you’re at it, replace the windshield wipers. This is usually an easy DIY job but reach out to our service center if you run into problems.

Wash and wax your vehicle. 

Exterior upkeep is actually a critical part of keeping your vehicle in prime condition. Take some time to really show it some TLC as we head into the holidays.

Check your lights and signals. 

As we approach the end of Daylight Saving Time, it’s more important than ever to have all your lights and signals working properly. Go through each one and check to make sure it illuminates.

Stay on Top of Vehicle Maintenance

If you have any additional questions about autumn vehicle upkeep, or if you need our help with anything, don’t hesitate to schedule service in Raleigh, NC. Our service center at Matthews Motors offers personalized service from our trained technicians. We look forward to seeing you and your car soon.