If you live around Clayton, North Carolina, and you’re in need of a reliable vehicle, then you’re in luck, because Matthews Motors has an extensive inventory of reliable used cars for sale.


At Matthews Motors we take care to ensure you get the best deal possible in a stress-free manner. When you shop at our dealership, you’ll have your choice of a wide selection of excellent used vehicle options. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of the most reliable used cars currently available at our dealership.

Reliable Used Cars for Sale in Clayton, NC

Honda Civic

One of the most popular vehicles currently on the road today, the Honda Civic is known for delivering top-notch performance with a high level of fuel efficiency and excellent residual value. If you want a car that’s great for weekend excursions or daily commutes, then the Honda Civic may be right for you.

Dodge Durango

The Dodge Durango is a rough and tough SUV that is spacious and versatile, making it an ideal option for large families that love to go on regular adventures, no matter if it’s down to the beach or up to the mountains.

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is the car for people who want to turn heads on the road. This vehicle has a roaring engine that lets everyone know it’s coming, and it also features an iconic design that is built to last for a long time without declining in quality or performance.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is one of the best-selling vehicles of all time for a reason. This pickup is the definition of “Ford-tough,” and it was specially designed to handle life’s greatest challenges without faltering in performance.

Chevrolet Malibu

The Chevy Malibu sedan makes for a terrific, reliable vehicle that can compete with other amazing sedans such as the Civic, the Corolla, or the Focus. Check out the Malibu if you’re on the hunt for a daily driver for your work commute.

Shop for Used Cars at Matthews Motors of Clayton

We have all these used vehicle models and many more at Matthews Motors of Clayton, North Carolina. Call us today and ask about taking a used model for a test drive, and don’t forget to check out our current used specials.