Ready to sell your vehicle? Before you list it or show it to potential buyers, make sure it’s in prime condition. There are a number of steps you can take to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, making it a more enticing option to potential buyers. In doing so, you can not only ensure a smoother sales process, but potentially command a higher sales price, as well.


Prepping Used Cars for Sale: Our Tips


In order to ready your vehicle for sale, we would recommend cleaning it, attending to basic maintenance, and getting all the necessary paperwork in order.


Cleaning Your Car Before Sale


You’ll naturally want to ensure your car looks as close to new as possible, and a good place to begin is by thoroughly cleaning the exterior. Waxing can help, too. Don’t forget to clean the interior of your vehicle, vacuuming under and between seats, cleaning the upholstery, removing any gunk from the cupholders, etc.


If your vehicle is in particularly rough shape, you may wish to hire a professional detailer. This will cost a few bucks but may be well worth it as you try to enhance your car’s appeal.


Attending to Routine Auto Maintenance


You’ll want to demonstrate to potential buyers that you’re a thoughtful, responsible automobile owner. That’s going to be hard to do if your car is obviously behind on routine maintenance. Be sure you make an appointment at a reputable service center to have the oil changed and tires rotated, plus anything else that needs to be done. Hold on to the records of your service appointment, showing them to any potential buyers.


Gathering Your Documentation


Before ownership of the vehicle can change hands, you’re going to need to provide some paperwork. Assemble that paperwork now, including the vehicle title and records of any service or maintenance appointments. If there are any liens on the vehicle, gather that documentation, as well.


Prepping Used Cars for Sale


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