Getting ready for a holiday road trip? The last thing you’ll want is to have your Christmas vacation derailed by an accident, injury, or automotive mishap. Before you hit the road, make sure to perform some basic preparations. Here’s a holiday season travel checklist to get you started.


Getting Ready for a Holiday Road Trip


  •   Make a preventative maintenance appointment. When’s the last time you had your oil changed, your brakes checked, and your tires rotated? Preventative maintenance can help you optimize vehicle performance and avoid mechanical problems.
  •   Check the weather. Be sure that you know what kind of adverse elements you’ll be facing on your journey. Weather conditions may require you to invest in some winter tires or simply consider alternate routes.
  •   Load up on snacks. You’ll need to make a few stops, whether to get gas or to use the restroom. However, by packing plenty of snacks, you can minimize the number of times you need to stop for refreshment, and hopefully arrive at your destination that much sooner.
  •   Get the phone accessories you need. You’ll likely rely on your phone for directions, music, or podcasts, so make sure you have a charging cord as well as a hands-free phone mount.
  •   Pack safety essentials. If you do have a breakdown or an automotive issue, you’ll want to be prepared. Specifically, make sure you have a tire pressure gauge, a spare tire, flares, a flashlight, and a First Aid kit.
  •   Assemble your paperwork. Also be sure that you double check and ensure that you have all the documentation you need for your vehicle, including registration, insurance paperwork, and, of course, your driver’s license.


With these simple steps, you’ll have a leg up on your holiday road trip. If you have any vehicle maintenance needs, we encourage you to contact our dealership here in Clayton, NC.


Used Cars for Sale in Clayton, NC


In addition to a service center, we provide plenty of used vehicles for sale. If you need a new ride for your holiday sojourn, give us a call. We’d love to schedule you for a test drive. Reach out to our dealership whenever you’re ready to chat.