What better way to celebrate graduation than to find the perfect set of wheels for college? Continue reading for some tips to help you find the car that will suit your new lifestyle.

Car Shopping Tips for Undergrads

Consider your priorities

A car is designed with features to help you live the lifestyle you want to live. Consider what sort of life you plan to live once you leave for college in the fall, then seek out the features that will make that lifestyle possible.

If you hope to travel or commute on a regular basis, then a compact SUV or sedan might be the right choice. These models typically have higher fuel efficiency, which will go a long way in keeping gas money in your wallet. 

If adventure is more your style, then maybe a car or SUV that offers higher ground clearance and multiple driving modes so you can tackle various terrains is more appropriate. If you’re moving somewhere that has harsh winters or sandy terrain, be sure to prioritize a car with all-wheel drive.

Versatility is an undervalued asset during the tumultuous college years. Things change so quickly that finding a car that can adapt to new situations as quickly as you do may be the way to go. Look for features such as split-folding seats which collapse all the way down to the floor so you can transport whoever or whatever life throws your way. 

Buy used

With so many unknowns coming your way, you may find the greatest peace of mind comes from buying a brand new car with no room for surprise damages from previous owners. It’s no secret, however, that the greatest amount of depreciation happens in the first three years of a car’s life. During the lean years of college, it may be wise to protect your investment by buying a used or certified pre-owned (CPO) car instead. 

With sites like CARFAX that can provide a detailed vehicle history report with a simple web search, buying a used car is now easier than ever. You can also opt to buy CPO, which has been hand-selected, inspected, and refurbished to its former glory by a qualified technician. This option opens to door to additional finance options and extended warranties as well.

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